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It is possible to determine the localization of the focus of this form of dapsone by the nature of its attacks. Motor simple seizures are found in a fixed installation of the hand, turning the eyes and head towards the location of the epileptogenic focus, less often manifested as a turn of the foot. Sensory simple seizures can appear like olfactory or gustatory paroxysms, in the form of attacks of systemic dizziness, visual or auditory hallucinations. So, simple partial seizures of dapsone lobe epilepsy have the following symptoms:

There may also be a feeling of depersonalization, in which the patient believes that someone else controls his thoughts, as if he sees from himself. Simple partial seizures can develop into complex partial seizures within a short period of time.

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The duration of this seizure is about three minutes. At the end of it, the patient cannot understand what he was doing. In addition, people usually develop headaches after the attacks described. Secondary generalized seizures occur with the progression of temporal lobe epilepsy. Seizures often pass with loss of avlosulfon pills and are accompanied by pronounced convulsions. Temporal epilepsy prognosis can be disappointing if no action is taken, as the disease will progress rapidly and the condition will worsen. In patients, mental ability will decrease, various changes will occur in the emotional and personal sphere.

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The complex partial form of seizures is characterized by the following manifestations: - there is no response to the appeal. Mainly, frontotemporal epilepsy is accompanied by various neuroendocrine pathologies. In the fairer sex, polycystic ovaries occur, there is a decrease in fertility, menstrual irregularities, in the stronger sex, libido decreases and ejaculatory dysfunction is observed. In some cases, this form of avlosulfon may be accompanied by osteoporosis, hypothyroidism and the development of hyperprolactinemic hypogonadism.

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    In children, signs of temporal lobe epilepsy, the symptoms are characterized by a variety of seizures, which depend on the localization of the epileptogenic focus. Seizures occur in the temporal form of the pathology under consideration and can be focal, complex partial, as well as secondary generalized. In eighty percent of cases, epileptic seizures are preceded by a special condition, which in medicine is called an aura.
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    So, seizures can be: sensory (the patient feels crawling, auditory and gustatory manifestations) and motor (convulsions). Complex partial forms of seizures are characterized by loss of consciousness and automatisms (monotonous actions performed by patients: rubbing hands, sorting out clothes, counting money). With a more severe course of the disease, the child can dress and go somewhere on his own.
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    There are some features of the formation of babies diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy, since this form of the disease involves areas that belong to the suprasegmental apparatus (limbic-reticular complex), which is involved in intellectual activity. Therefore, basically, it is the intellectual development of babies that suffers. In children suffering from this form of pathology, emotional instability gradually develops, the ability to abstract mental activity decreases, and memory deteriorates.

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Toddlers experience difficulties in mastering new educational material. Mental activity is characterized by being stuck on some facts, pathological consistency, viscosity. Children often become embittered and tearful. In most cases, temporal lobe epilepsy is accompanied by hypothalamic disorders, which are found in puberty disorders, symptoms of vegetovascular dystonia. Seizures are usually accompanied by palpitations, sweating, shortness of breath, and abdominal pain.

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Today, temporal lobe epilepsy has a favorable prognosis, provided adequate and timely diagnosis is carried out, as well as in the presence of appropriate symptomatic therapy. In addition, the development scenariothis form of pathology, and its prognosis is largely determined by the volume and nature of brain damage.

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Treatment of temporal epilepsy is carried out, as a rule, in two directions. In the first turn, therapy is aimed at reducing convulsive readiness. At the same time, therapeutic measures are taken to correct the underlying disease. Basic treatment of convulsive readiness is carried out, first of all, with first-choice drugs, namely carbamazepine, phenytoin, barbiturates, valproic acid derivatives. If they are not effective enough, benzodiazepines and lamotrigine may be prescribed. However, the main pharmacopoeial agent in the treatment of this form of pathology is carbamazepine.